Putting the right ad in the right place!

Knowing the right vehicle for the right product is what ad placement is all about.  You need to keep your name in front of qualified prospects that are actually interested in your product or service.  Through that approach you can target for the best results.

Over the last 19 years DeLara Communications has acted as Sterifab's full-service ad agency.  This included their brochures, posters, point-of-sale material, premium items and most importantly, all of their ad placements.  In this capacity we have designed their ads using our own photography and that of stock houses when appropriate so that we can give the client the best value.

Delara  Communications has been instrumental in the unbridled success of our product STERIFAB.


With Richard Jacobs keen eye, photographic genius, and eye for detail, he has been our indispensable partner over a more than 2 decade relationship.


My only regret is that he wasn't a twin.  Then I could have had 2 wonderful partners.


Steve Goldrich

VP,  Castoleum Corporation

RP Promotion & Display Co. is a Sales & Marketing agency, specializing in Point of Sale items. Our clientele involves many national and international companies.  In many situations, clients rely on us to come up with creative ideas and presentations. In other cases, clients will provide some of the artwork we need to produce our point-of-sale displays and materials.

Richard Jacobs of DeLara Communications, has acted as our Art Director for the past 25 years. He has produced print-ready artwork for case cards, bin wraps, shelf talkers, sales brochures and a host of other promotional items.  It has always been a pleasure working with Richard, and he has always provided us with exactly what we requested in a timely manner.


Rob Priaulx

RP Promotion & Display Co.

Ad and POS

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